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I’m Andy. I am the mum of three gorgeous kids, who gave up my career as a lawyer to look after them all, and the wife of Denis, who is the epitome of “cool”, and ┬ákid number four.

My eldest two, Charlotte and Bobby, have completed or are about to complete their school education. My youngest, Livvie, is 13. She is the reason this website has been created, and the inspiration behind my further education, which is a scientific one in Nutrition.

She is a free spirit, a whirlwind of excitement and enthusiasm, a breath of fresh air, and an encyclopedia of knowledge. She is honest to the point of embarrassment, obsessively committed and determined, fiercely loyal and surprisingly brave. She is on the Autistic Spectrum and has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Together we have created this website as a means of communicating with others who encounter similar issues to those we face every day, as a directory of contacts we have found useful along our way and as a guidance about health and nutrition. It is a foundational website; a tool for learning based on experiences. We hope to build the blocks to it as we go along, and as others add their valuable contributions.

What we need is positivity and enthusiasm. There will be times of negativity and pessimism of course, but what we want is for these times to diminish as our website is revisited, and as these moments are shared, because they are points in time we have all been through. It’s about going forward and being optimistic as we add more building blocks.

So my thanks to you all in anticipation….